Ф 4.8 mm Wide Neck

Reference 012150
Straumann Tissue Level Compatible Standard Plus Implants
Products Code for Order: 012150
Head Diameter: 6.5mm
Neck Height: 1.8mm
Surface: S-L-A 6mm
Outside diameter of implant thread: 4.8mm
Inside diameter of implant thread: 4.2mm


                      Products Code Comparison
012150 043.948S
Brand:  Products Code for Order: 012150
Neck Height: 1.8 mm Length: 6 mm
Material: Titanium Head Diameter: 6.5 mm
Package: EO(Ethylene Oxide) Sterilized Surface: S-L-A (Sand-blasted, Large grit,? Acid-etched)


The smooth neck section of Standard Plus implants is 1 mm shorter  than with Standard implants. Standard Plus implants are particularly suitable for use in the esthetic region. The implant shoulder should be positioned about  1 mm apical to the cemento-enamel junction (CEJ)  of the contralateral  tooth or 2 mm subgingival of  the prospective gingival margin.
Standard Plus implants   4.8 mm WN have the same indications as Standard implants  4.8 mm, WN.

*Indication S-L-A 6 mm
Due to the reduced surface area for anchorage in the bone, these implants are to be used solely for the following indications:
—-As an additional implant together  with longer implants to support implant-borne reconstructions.
—-As an auxiliary implant for  implant-borne bar constructions supporting full dentures in a seriously  atrophied mandible.

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