Standard Implants Ф 3.3 mm- (Regular Neck Ф 4.8 mm)

Reference: 013010 (8mm), 013020 (10mm), 013030 (12mm), 013040 (14mm), 013050 (10mm)
Head Diameter: 4.8mm
Neck Height: 2.8mm
Surface: S-L-A 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm



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013010 043.906S
  Products Code for Order: 013010   Head Diameter: 4.8 mm
  Neck Height: 2.8 mm   Length: 8 mm
  Material: Titanium   Package: EO(Ethylene Oxide) Sterilized
  Surface: S-L-A (Sand-blasted, Large grit,  Acid-etched)

Standard implants Ф3.3 mm RN are an alternative in the case of a minimal ridge width of 5.5 mm and a minimal mesio-distal gap width between adjacent teeth of 7 mm. Due to their lower mechanical strength, compared to Ф4.1 mm implants, these implants should be used exclusively for the following indications:

Edentulous jaw:

4 implants S/SP 3.3 mm RN in conjunction with a bar construction

Edentulous jaw:

In the case of fixed reconstruction, combined with 4.1 mm implants and splinted with a superstructure

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8 MM, 10 MM, 12 MM, 14 MM, 16 MM

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